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2023 Beauty Trends by Ivy Glam

.. did someone say #trending?

"Beauty trends" refer to the popular styles and techniques in the cosmetics and personal grooming industry. These trends can include makeup looks, hairstyles, skincare routines, and nail designs that are currently in vogue. Beauty trends can be influenced by a variety of factors, such as fashion, pop culture, and social media, and they tend to change over time.

A big trend right now is nostalgia, and it is playing out across every generation and every aspect of beauty. Ivy Glam Beauty Bar & Academy is here to break it all down for you.

.. art imitating life imitating art …

Cultural norms often shape our ideals of beauty. Different cultures have different standards of beauty, and these standards can change over time. Culture also shapes the beauty products and techniques that are available and popular in a given region.

Beauty trends can also shape culture by influencing people's perceptions of what is considered beautiful. For example, if a certain hairstyle or makeup look becomes popular, it can affect people's perceptions of what is considered attractive.

The rise of social media and the internet have made it easier for people to share beauty trends and look at beauty inspiration from all over the world, leading to a cultural exchange of styles and influencing the development of new trends.

In short, culture and beauty trends are closely intertwined, with each influencing the other in various ways. So when #gothgirl is trending right after the new Wednesday Addams show drops, we can easily trace the trend to a modernization of 90s beauty, fashion, and culture.

.. so what’s ‘in’ for 2023?

Choose an era that inspires you and draw inspiration from it at will. There’s no wrong way to do You. This year, it’s all about what makes YOU feel beautiful. Whether that means going head-to-toe glam or accenting your natural look with a few glitzy embellishments, there’s a trend for you in 2023–and Ivy Glam is your secret weapon for achieving whatever look you desire.


Glass Skin or Dewy Skin: Skincare is the new foundation! Self-care has never been more in style. Caring for your skin is beauty, and we are here for it. To achieve the minimal, natural-looking appearance without looking overdone, try the following routine:

  • Wash skin daily, exfoliate 2-3x weekly

  • Follow with serums (try vitamin c to reduce dark spots; hyaluronic acid for smoother skin with fewer lines; retinol at night before bedtime) and your moisturizer of choice.

  • Add some concealer, a light foundation, or complexion drops for a dewy, natural look.

  • Add some highlighter and/or blush for a little glam boost.

  • Brush the eyebrows up and fill in (lightly).

  • Apply mascara. Apply more mascara (Ivy Glam offers lash extension services at our salon, where we also sell our brand of magnetic lashes which you can re-use). Curl and add a third layer of mascara (or make a lash appointment, girl).

  • “Brush” the lips and apply a balm or plumping gloss.


No-Makeup Makeup is in, but so is alllll the makeup and glitter and bedazzling! What’s your go-to look?

  • Y2K-inspired glitters, metallics, and soft pastels are having a big moment.

  • Face & Body Bling is all over Insta, from Doja Cat’s bedazzled brows to every it-girl’s belly chain.

  • Eyeliner is soaring high with TikTok trends such as Siren Eye, CrissCross, and Wednesday Addams’ looks taking over the #fyp.

  • Skinny or Blinged Brows - chase this trend at your own risk. Many millennials still have PTSD over tweezing our brows away in the 00s, only for “bushy brows” to be in the very next season (and they never grow fully back). Good news is at least we have Ivy Glam microblading now!

  • Glossy (Red) Lips are always in, but this year we’re amping up the “gloss” effect. Start with a matte red for a flat, silicone vibe, then gloss, gloss, gloss!

Hair Styles

Side parts are back! Rejoice, millennials! After a harrowing year of being called “cheugy” by Gen Z, we are once again free to tousle our hair to whichever side it prefers. Let’s enjoy this moment.

  • Shaggy or Smooth? These two polar opposite looks are trending in equal measure. Which will you choose?

  • Warm hues like chocolate brown are (finally) trending. Move over blondes and redheads, this season belongs to the brunettes.

Nail Art Trends

Don’t expect glitzy, gorgeous nails to go out of style anytime soon. Pairing a simple nude shade with a bold pop of color or an unexpected texture is giving 2023.

  • Ombre & Metals: This trend started last year and is going strong! Try a nude shade near the cuticle, and fade it into a sparkly silver or gold hue at the tips.

  • Outlines & Accents: Think nude with hot pink around the nail beds, sides, and tips. Or just at the nail beds. Have fun with this whimsical trend!

  • Rainbow Chrome: Everything ‘glazed’ is trendy right now, we know that. And pastel colors are having a moment, too … so combine the two. Nothing says trendsetter more than masterfully blending two different looks! Go for glazed nails with an ocean of color and just soak up the compliments.

  • 3D Art: Diamonds, pearls, stickers, little pieces of gold chains … whatever you like, stick it on your nails for a dramatic look that slays.

  • Airbrushed like the Mall in the 90s: You know what we mean. Those kiosks where people would get “Paula n’ David 4-eva” airbrushed in light pink and blue on a plain white t-shirt, with like a penguin drinking a coca cola, and actually wear them around. You, too, can rock this iconic look–on your nails! It’s much cuter there, actually.

Aesthetic & The Culture of Beauty

What’s your personal aesthetic? Are you a pink and white princess, or a black and red queen? Maybe you’re Viva Magenta!

Preppy Girl - Think Cher in Clueless (or Enid in Wednesday). Bright colors, hair accessories, and glowy skin with minimalistic “no-makeup makeup.”

Goth Girl - Snap, Snap! Who do you think brought this look back into the mainstream? Thanks, Jenna Ortega!

Dopamine Glam/Viva Magenta - Splashes of extra-bright eyeshadow, blush, lip color, or hair color is fast becoming known as “dopamine glam,” for the hit of the feel-good chemical it elicits.

Dopamine Glam is a calculated response to backlash of the “clean girl” trend, which is not particularly inclusive, or possible for everyone to achieve. Everyone can participate in this look. Dopamine makeup is about feeling good, and expressing that feeling through fun, bright pops of color. See how culture and beauty go hand in hand?

Ready to Get Glam?

Whether you’re already rocking some of these styles or this is all news to you, book your Ivy Glam appointment today to give your new year some new style.

See you soon!

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