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How to Make My Pedicure Last

The Perfect Self-Care Treat

Your feet do a lot of hard work every day, getting you where you need to go. Your tootsies deserve a treat. Our skilled pedicure technicians will take care of your feet, cleaning, filing, buffing, and polishing them to perfection. You'll leave our salon with beautiful, healthy, and happy feet that feel rejuvenated (and look cute, too).

Bridal Party Pedicures

What better way to thank your ride-or-die bridesmaids than by treating them to a group pedicure in Ivy Glam's pink thrones? To make your special (AKA sorry-for-what-I-said-at-the-bachelorette-party) spa day even more special, we offer a variety of champagnes and wines to choose from. Let our relaxing atmosphere, combined with our friendly and attentive staff, make you all feel like the queens you are.

How to Make Your Pedicure Last

Keep your pedicure on its toes. Literally. Use these tips for toes that ... oh, whatever, here's how to extend your Ivy Glam pedicure:

  • Moisturize your feet regularly: Keeping your feet moisturized will help prevent dryness and cracking, which can shorten the life of your pedicure. Use a moisturizer specifically formulated for feet and apply it daily.

  • Avoid harsh chemicals: Harsh chemicals such as chlorine or bleach can cause your polish to fade or discolor. Try to avoid immersing your feet in these chemicals or using cleaning products that may come into contact with your nails.

  • Protect your toes: Wear closed-toe shoes or sandals with a sturdy strap to protect your toes from stubbing or hitting.

  • Keep your nails trimmed: Keeping your nails trimmed will help prevent chipping and breaking, which can make your pedicure look less polished.

  • Avoid picking at your nails: Picking at your nails can cause them to chip and damage your pedicure. Try to resist the urge to pick at your nails, even if you notice a small chip or imperfection.

  • Touch up your nails: If you notice a small chip or smudge, don't wait for it to get worse. Touch it up with a small brush and top coat as soon as possible to keep your nails looking nice–or pop by our salon for a touch-up.

  • Regular Pedicures: Regular pedicures can help maintain the health and appearance of your feet, ensuring they stay smooth and polished.

Extend as long as you can–then book your next girls’ day out with Ivy Glam Beauty Bar. You deserve it–and so do your friends.

See you soon!

Xo, Ivy

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