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Nail Trends for Fall 2022

Grab your pumpkin spice and bookmark this page for your manicurist. Ivy Glam proudly presents our top picks for the ultimate fall mani-pedis this season.

Glitter + Gold

All that glitters is gold--foil. This gorgeous look is expected to be big this season and we are HERE for it!

Warm + Earthy

Always a perfect choice for fall, choose a shade of khaki at your next nail appointment to head into fall with glamfidence.

Bare + Metallic

Nearly-naked nails are IN in a big way--with a dash of glittery sparkles for flair. Try it at the base of your nails for a subtle yet delightful effect.

Chocolate + Glazed

Hailey Bieber is at it again, updating her fall look after the 'earthy' trend. Try it in a rich tone like this, or a fun pink, purple, blue, whatever! We're pretty sure you can't go wrong with this iridescent look.

Classic + French

It's a classic for a reason--like red wine and roses, the French manicure will always be in style. Try yours in a new shape to change things up, or add a little gem to spice up your presence under any disco ball.

Fire Engine Red

Same as above--red is too bold a color to be bothered by passing fads. We recommend solid red nails whenever you need a confidence boost!

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